Daily fun activities at Hostel Lybeer Bruges

It’s never boring at Hostel Lybeer! We offer daily free walking tours, Belgian beer tasting events twice a week, pub quizzes and nightly Happy Hours (read: cheap beer!).

  • Free WALKING TOURS: In Bruges Walking Tour. Daily (start at Markt)
  • Belgian BEER Tasting: 6 different Belgian beers. Fun Facts. Wed, Fri & Sun 8.30pm
  • Pub QUIZ: Questions. Answers. Beer. Thursday 9pm
  • HAPPY HOUR: High quality beers for only € 2.50! Every night 7.30pm – 8.30pm

Join one of the FREE walking tours!

Bruges is such a fascinating city, and has such a wealth of history and so many places to see and do, so it’s definitely a great idea to have an expert on hand to make sure that you do not miss anything!

We recommend taking one of the FREE walking tours, organized daily at the Markt!


Become a pro at our Belgian BEER tasting !

A visit to Belgium (and Bruges especially!) would not be complete without a taste of the drink that makes this country world famous: BEER! Try and learn about some of the best Belgian Beers on one of our specially organized Belgian Beer Tastings! You get to taste 6 different Belgian Beers, learn fun and interesting facts about them and call yourself a true/drunk “connoisseur ” at the end! Every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at Lybeer Hostel!

belgian beer-01 DMC


Quiz night!

Every Thursday at Hostel Lybeer: Questions. Answers. Beer! Quiz the night away!!